Copied Handbags

This domain name was previously used to sell replica Chanel goods, to stop this illegal activity a judge ordered the domain name transferred Chanel and for its former operators to pay damages.

Replica Chanel Store

Prior to being shut down over 180 Chanel replica handbags were offered for sale on the store, including:

Replica Chanel Handbags Price
CHANEL 09 Classic Flap Bag $159.99
Chanel 09 Collection Purse 35937 $219.99
Chanel 09 Hobo embossed with Chanel signatures $169.99
Chanel 09 Large Dot CC City Bag $259.99
CHANEL Black Leather Handbag $149.99
CHANEL Cabas Large Tote B $209.99

In the store menu under the Shop next to the selections for New and On Sale was the statement “Guaranteed AAA+ Handmade Replica Purses.” Anyone who stops to consider this “Guaranteed” though will find it meaningless as was does “AAA+” really mean anyways? Usually sellers of replica handbags will say that the handbags and wallets that they sell will be indistinguishable from those sold by Chanel itself but these claims always prove false as the materials and construction always give away the inferior replica bags.

Because they cannot compete on quality often sites selling replica Chanel handbags, like CopiedHandbags once did, will resort to other methods to try and entice buyers. For example, a message offering free shipping for the second purse of an order was displayed next to the link for live sales help chat.